Last night, the dance lessons started again. I was umming and ahhing as about whether to go, but I decided to, and glad I did. It was good to get back in there.
I went for both sessions again, however the beginners course was practically empty. Where have all the people gone? Perhaps due to half term everyone is away, and they may be back next week. There were so few people that I was even pleased to see.... the tiger lady! Yes, she was back! And she was just as moany as ever. However due to my pleasure in seeing someone I recognised, I think she may have got the impression that I actually liked her, and now she says she is going to look into more dance classes for us both !!! GULP!!8|
But the improvers session went well- I can say that because I could do it this week. And that spoilt brat woman (who told on me to teacher) wasn't there. The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse were there though but they seem to be getting better. However one of them did ask me NOT to look at her whilst dancing. Perhaps she finds my magnetism intimidating ;) The horsewomen are better to dance with than the tiger lady, because they are short! Tiger lady is quite tall and it is difficut swinging my arms over her head! And the tiger lady just whinges everytime there is a pause for instruction. I just want to say to her "Listen lady, If you want to go and hunt some Gazelle and rip it to shreds, then go ahead. But I want to listen to what we are supposed to be doing" But what I actually do is nod and smile.