My OH told me last night as we were walking down that there was going to be a lunar eclipse.
"Oh thats exciting" I said becuase I actually thought it was exciting. And then I went on to describe briefly the difference between lunar and solar eclipses
"WEll a lunar eclipse is different to a solar eclipse because a lunar eclips is when the earth is directly in between the sun and the moon so that the suns rays cant reflect off the moon, whereas a solar eclipse is when the moon is directly in between the earth and the sun, blocking out the light."
It was at this point I noticed that my OH was staring away.
"Thank you for feigning interest" I said, which brought her attention back
"I wasn't feigning interest" she defended
"I can see that"
"Oh I mean I was feigning interest"
"So your were feigning then" I smiled cheekily
"No I mean , you were really interesting"... I just passed her a shovel!

Later on in the evening, after I had a few drinks and was getting a bit... er... excitable, I decided now was the perfect opportunity to show off my ecliptical knowledge to the whole table and reineacted the events with a salt pot, a wine bottle and an empty glass. (How the glass became empty I dont know). I think my OH got embarrassed.