It’s time for another recollection from my past: Another memory that would be good to record for prosperity. This is a true story; it happened about 15 years ago and is the main reason why I believe that there is more to life than we can comprehend. It also involves two other people who, for the purposes of anonymity, I shall call Steve and Tina.

Where I used to live in Essex there was a small copse that, according to local legends, had a history. It was supposedly the place where a witch’s coven used to meet. There were also legends of child sacrifice and murder. I was aware of the legends, as was Steve although we had never really talked about it in detail. Tina on the other hand was unaware as she was only a visitor to the region.
One night after a fun day out with a large group of friends, I was driving Steve and Tina home when I drove past the copse.
I stopped the car and said casually to Steve, “Is this the place?” And I opened my car window.
At that moment a cold wind blew in through the window and then something weird happened. All three of us burst into tears. Tina, who was on the back seat started wailing and screaming, “Get us out of here. Get us out of here now!” crying as she screamed. I remember feeling scared and frozen as the wind blew in, and it was those feelings that made me cry. Steve was also crying, “start the car, get us out of here” I tried to start the car, It wouldn’t start the first few times. I can remember the panic as Steve was urging us to get going and Tina was screaming in the back seat in hysterics.
Eventually the car started and I managed to drive us away. Steve said nothing as I drove him home. He got out of the car without saying a word. Tina was still crying when I dropped her off. I asked her what had happened and she replied “When you opened the window, I felt a really cold wind blow in and it scared me. I just knew we had to get out of there, as the feelings were wrong! I was terrified! What was with that place?” I told her about the legends attached to the place. She’d had had no idea. She has also never forgotten the incident, although we don’t really talk about it.

Now in my mind I can understand that Steve and I had known about the stories and that might have made us react in a certain way, but what I cannot explain is Tina’s reaction. How is it that she experienced exactly the same cold wind and fear when I opened the window as I had experienced. Just a few minutes earlier, we had all been laughing and joking about our day out!
Speaking to Steve later, he recounted that he had felt the exact same wind and fear!
I cannot rationalise it in my mind, and even now I get goose pimples when I remember it.
I have told people this story, and they try to rationalise it or devalue it, but they can’t. I tell you, I did not make it up. It really happened! That is the truth!